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Greenery Fruit Group is oneof China’s excellent fruit supply enterprises, which integrates fruitsplanting,  wholesale, chain-store andE-commerce business, is one of the“ Top 10 Chain Brands of China Fruit Industry” and “Hunan Province AgriculturalIndustrialization Leading Enterprise”
  • 20000+

    ? 20000+㎡ Modern cold-storage process and logistic distribution center.

  • 100+

    100+ Fruits direct-supply orchards all around world.

  • 800+

    800+ multi-business stores

  • 5000+

    5000+ employees

  • 5000000+


  • 01 Brand Advantage
  • 02 Business Pattern Advantage
  • 03 Products Advantage
  • 04 Supply Chain Advantage
  • 05 Management Advantage
  • 06 Data Advantage

Contact us

Customer Service Hotline: 4000-498-488

Address:29-30/F, Block B, Gancheng building, 423 South Shuyuan Road, Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan province


Recruitment:0731-84810277 13755021420

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